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Student Protection Plus™ will help you attract your ideal student families

The challenges and pressures facing your students and their families have never been greater. Now there’s a way to offer your entire student community a level of security and comfort previously unavailable. It’s Student Protection Plus, a three-part plan providing travel assistance, balanced life assistance and insurance for life, all for a low cost per student. And you can enroll your entire student body with no questions asked and no exclusions for preexisting conditions. Student Protection Plus can help you attract and retain the high quality student families you’re looking for.

Blanket Coverage for Your Entire Student Body

Travel Assistance

24/7 Ops Center for global assistance and emergency services, medical and prescription assistance, trauma counseling, legal and interpreter referrals, evacuation and repatriation.

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Balanced Life Assistance

Network of professionals ready to help with student wellness issues like pregnancy, depression, anxiety, addiction, work, money and more.

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Insurance for Life

$100,000 Insurance for life, no pre existing conditions or exclusions and it’s portable. Relief for families facing student loans after a tragedy.

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